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Welcome to Wellington Events

Wellington Events is a full service exquisite event planning company that was born out of the desire to do more and to be more. Based in the capital city of Abuja, the company handles all aspect of event planning/management from social events and weddings, to corporate events and consulting services.

As an exquisite events planning outfit, our approach to planning is with precision and passion. At Wellington Events, we do not just plan events, we curate bespoke event experiences which tells your unique story; A story that will one day become a lifelong memory …



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Everyone appreciates a good bargain every now and then. With our years of carefully nurtured relationships/partnerships with vendors and service providers, we are able to help you get the best prices by bargaining with our trusted partners and ultimately ensuring that you get the very best value for your money.


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Planning an event can be time consuming especially if you don’t know where to find the information you need. With a pool of event vendors flooding the market, it can be hard to know whom to choose. With our experience, we can quickly identify service providers whom you are likely to work best with.


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It can be very easy to get swept up in the activities of the event and forget to take a breathe and really enjoy your event. Which is why, we will be available ensure you take time to be a guest at your event, sit down and relax; knowing we are efficiently working the ropes behind the scenes to give you a memorable event.



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What Our Clients Are Saying

With a Full Range of Event Planning Services, Our Clients Have Successful Events!

We make your events memorable by providing personalized event management services.

Lets Take Care Of Your Events

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You can also email us to discuss your event on … or call us on (+234) 703 3767 852


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