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Ever Wanted to be a Wedding Planner in Northern Nigeria? Nelly Wellington Shares Exclusively with Us All You should Know “Bella Naija Feature”

Planning an event is such a big deal and definitely requires a lot of attention, commitment, and hard work. Now when planning a wedding, we know how much work goes into making such …


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Kaduna Was Not Ready for Fatima and Mukhtar’s Wedding! “Bella Naija Feature”

You know what makes it more special, the bride-to-be shared their love story and you can find that in their pre-wedding feature.  Right after these ceremonies, the couple moved to Abuja to complete the wedding ceremony, …


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It’s a Doctor-Lawyer Kinda Love Story Today! See Buchi & Tolu’s Pre-wedding “Bella Naija Feature”

When the lawyer meets the doctor that totally sweeps her off her feet. Do you believe one can find love on social media?  If you don’t Buchi and Tolu‘s love story should help out. Their story started from Tolu liking her pictures …


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This Bride hosted a Free 2-Day Medical Outreach to 2,000 People for her Wedding ??! Ayeesha & Mohammed’s Celebration of Love “Bella Naija Feature”

While most people would rather spend huge sums of money, cash gifts from friends and well-wishers running into millions of Naira on having an amazing party at their wedding, Ayeesha decided to share the joy…


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Fattar 2018 Dinner & Kai Amarya in Abuja will Have You Dancing into A Beautiful Day “Bella Naija Feature”

If you thought you had seen enough of Fatima and Mukhtar‘s wedding, then this two events of their wedding ceremonies will have you hooked in no time.  After the series of events in Kaduna, the couple moved down to Abuja for..


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He was My Long Time Bae! This Love Story Will Tug at Your Heartstrings “Bella Naija Feature”

Mukhtar and I met through his younger sister on his birthday, 29th of March, 2012. She was always talking to me about him, telling me how nice and how much of a gentleman he is. I never knew it was a trick she used until the …


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