What Are Six Purposes for Marriage?

God designed marriage to fulfill six important and vital functions. When we understand them, we will be better able to honor marriage. 1. Companionship True companionship grows out of a oneness of spirit. This occurs in marriage when both the husband and wife can say, “My spouse is my best friend.” “Can two walk together, [...]

8 Things You Need To Know About True Love

1. True love is not about finding yourself in another. Don’t fall in love, or think you’re in love, just because you want to find yourself. Your identity is not to be someone’s other half‒it’s to be yourself! Don’t get so swept up in your partner that you become them. You don’t need to be the number one […]

The True Purpose of Marriage

Marriage ain’t what it used to be. We all know that. It ain’t a means of rescuing women and men who are helpless and incomplete without each other. It ain’t an economic necessity, as it once was in our patriarchal / pastoral history. It ain’t a required foundation to build a family. It ain’t a [...]

5 Reasons Why You Need an Event Planner

Hosting an event at your church involves plenty of details and coordination. You’ll need to decide on the date, time, theme, location, and whether to charge a registration fee. You’ll want to make sure people know about the event including: Facebook posts Website updates Mass emails Posters Announcements from the stage Blurb in the bulletin […]

Bespoke Event Experiences